Sebastien Chapleau

Sebastien is a Teacher and Community Organiser by vocation.

Prior to training as a Teacher and becoming a Community Organiser, Sebastien studied for a PhD at Cardiff University, where he wrote a thesis on children’s literature and critical pedagogy. Sebastien trained and worked with Citizens UK, where he spent a lot of his time coaching Headteachers across London, supporting them around issues of youth leadership and community engagement.

Sebastien founded La Fontaine Academy and was its Headteacher between 2014-2020, establishing from scratch what quickly became a thriving community school heavily focused on student leadership and on ensuring that parents, teachers, students, and neighbours work together to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their neighbourhood.

Sebastien’s positive contribution to community life was recognised in 2012, when he received a Community Champion Award from then Mayor Boris Johnson. More recently, the Company of Educators – a Livery Company in the City of London focusing on Education – decided to give him their Inspirational Educator Award for his contribution to education in the UK.

Find Sebastien on Twitter @sebchapleau or email him at