In Primary, we will cover all key subjects from the National Curriculum.

We will provide children with additional hours of learning in English (Writing, Reading, and Drama) and Maths.

We will adopt a project-based approach to topics (Art, DT, Geography, History, and RE) to enable children to work on themes from a variety of perspectives. This will also enable them to apply their learning to real-life examples.

Topics will be linked between year groups so that children can work across ages and learn from each other, building trust and relationships.

For instance, as we write in our proposal to the Department for Education:

Our ‘Transport and Movement’ topic would enable children to learn about safety and eco-issues. Local walks could be organised and issues of road safety could be discussed. Discussions with bus drivers, school-crossing patrols, police officers could be arranged to give children an understanding of roles and responsibilities. Their work could be supported by Year 3’s topic on ‘Community and Communication’ where they could explore the work of Reception and Year 1 further and work with local officials to identify issues of concerns regarding transport (e.g. pedestrian crossings, speed limits, etc.). Again, this work could be supported by older children (including Secondary School children), looking at practical project which could be derived from these topics.

We will also place a key emphasis on Music, PE, and languages, giving children the opportunity to develop skills which will enhance their love for learning and their creativity.

Once we are up and running, we will ask children what topics they want to study to make sure that we enable them to explore their passions.