Our Curriculum

The Citizen School will be an all-through school (Reception to Sixth Form).

Our teaching will enable children to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in life.

We are currently developing our curriculum in consultation with experts from various fields (citizenship education, project-based learning, local and global geography, the world of work, etc.).

Our Commitments:

Our commitments are held together by two clear principles: we will do whatever it takes to enable every single child in our school to achieve beyond their potential and we will do whatever it takes to enable all our children and their families to play an active role in shaping society for the better and live fulfilling lives. These principles will inform all our practices and will enable us to reflect and engage with some of the issues faced by many (locally and globally) in our current society. Our teaching and learning will take into account the needs of 21st century society, as we aim to enable all involved in the Citizen School to play a key role in shaping society for the better.

Therefore, some of our guiding commitments include:

Strong emphasis on English, Mathematics, ICT, and 21st-century skills. Every child will spend proportionally more time on these subjects compared with other children from other local schools.

Strong emphasis on active citizenship, preparing our pupils to be leaders who can work together with people in their own community, but also beyond, to make the world a fairer place for all.

Outstanding teaching, pastoral care, and extra-curricular provision. Our children deserve the best, and we will provide them with just that. We will make up for what they might not have at home: sports clubs, music lessons, outdoor activities, visits to museums, holiday provision, weekend activities, etc. Every child will be treated as an individual and every adult will ensure that our pupils’ passions, enthusiasm, dreams are placed at the heart of our daily practices inside and outside the classroom. Every child will leave our school equipped to live a fulfilling life.

Strong emphasis on collaboration: we will enable our pupils to develop collaborative projects – within, but also across, year groups – developing their leadership skills. We will build links with other schools (locally and beyond) aiming to share our good practice and our resources.

Strong emphasis on enjoyment whereby we will constantly celebrate our successes, always engaging people from our local community and from other schools.

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